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Document Scanning Solutions in Indianapolis

Why You Should Try Xerox Solutions for Your SMB

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Xerox solutions for SMBs can fundamentally change the way your organization processes information and interacts with customers and business partners. With 65% of businesses making the switch to digital solutions, it's time for your organization to get on board.

Start With Your Most Paper-Dependent Processes

For most companies, paper dependency is organization-wide. Knowing where to begin is half the battle.

The Right Office Equipment for Secure Mobile Access

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Nearly half of U.S. knowledge workers now work away from the office at least some of the time, and the number is rising. Business leaders cite lower costs, improved productivity, and streamlined collaboration as their top reasons for encouraging employees to work remotely.

Achieving Secure Access

The key to a successful remote team is streamlined and secure access to your information, and your office equipment plays a leading role. Here's how you'll need to proceed.


Indiana Business Solutions proudly serves Indianapolis with the latest office equipment, document management, and managed print services. Our award winning technology and copier service will guarantee that your needs are covered.

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Get Used to *Better* with Xerox Solutions

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The office copier has gotten a bad rap over the years, mostly due to employee frustration when trying to operate them. Thanks to Xerox solutions, that's no longer the case, and the office copier can become one of your most valuable team members. What are used to in your office?

Get Used to Better

If you've been used to copiers that regularly frustrate your team, it's time to get used to something a whole lot better. Here's how Xerox copiers are changing the way people work—for the better.

Improve Convenience

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We know that today’s worker needs to be able to access documents from anywhere and print documents on the go.  We help make you life more convenient by:

Production Print Workflow Solutions

Document Workflow Solutions

Workflow solutions provide an open infrastructure to manage both conventional and digital print production. Core capabilities are easily customized or expanded to help you optimize your operation. Optimizing your workflow processes is a valuable tool that many companies have yet to take advantage of. Save you company countless time and cost by optimizing you workflow processes as soon as possible.

Mobile Print


Don’t let your office technology inhibit the way you work. Today’s office worker needs to be able to print when they want, and how they want. Print from your Smart Phone, Tablet, or Laptop. Print simply, and securely.

Mobile Options Include:

Document Imaging

Imaging and Scanning

By scanning your critical documents, document Imaging and document scanning helps optimize employee productivity, eliminate unnecessary costs, and provide disaster protection for your documents. Having a digital image of your important documents is very important in today's business world because it allows you access and share them when you need it.

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