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Managed Services Benefits for Startups and Their Customers

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Managed services can provide some much-needed benefits for today's businesses. Here's how both new businesses and their customers can benefit from a document management solution.

Xerox Solutions for Your 21st Century Business

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Are you searching for new ways to control your operating costs? Look no further than Xerox for the answers.

Xerox Electronic Document Management Solutions

Xerox document management solutions show businesses how to turn paper processes into streamlined digital workflows for faster, smarter, more secure office procedures.

Achieving Staff Buy-In with New Technologies

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If you were greeted with a collective groan the last time you announced a new technology for your workplace, we're not surprised. Your employees may feel as if they've just gotten comfortable with your last technology acquisition, and process disruptions are rarely greeting with enthusiasm.

Even so, waiting too long to upgrade can have some serious consequences for your company, including security vulnerabilities and trouble competing in an increasingly tech-driven marketplace.

Reduce Your Security Risks With Managed Services

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You've no doubt heard of the data breaches that impacted well-known businesses like Equifax, Sony, and Target. Unfortunately, thousands of other devastating security breaches never make the news because they happen to small companies just like yours.

Why You Should Try Xerox Solutions for Your SMB

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Xerox solutions for SMBs can fundamentally change the way your organization processes information and interacts with customers and business partners. With 65% of businesses making the switch to digital solutions, it's time for your organization to get on board.

Start With Your Most Paper-Dependent Processes

For most companies, paper dependency is organization-wide. Knowing where to begin is half the battle.


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Office Equipment Essentials for Your New Business

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Starting a business requires careful investing. You need some basic office equipment to begin on the right foot, but most of your capital will go toward growing your business.

Careful planning and research are essential to get the most from your office equipment budget. Check out our list of suggestions to help you get started.

3 Ways Managed Services Delivers Value

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Have you ever wondered whether managed services adds any real value to your bottom line? Typically, business leaders look at managed services offerings as ways to reduce costs and tidy up messy infrastructures, and they're right—at least to some extent. But doesn't your business deserve more from your managed services partnerships?

Secure Your Office

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Whether it be clients financial data, trade secrets, or sensitive patient or employee personal and health data, companies large and small need to protect sensitive information. Threats exist both outside and inside of your organization, and we can help you secure your office from both with our document management solutions. Just a few of the ways that we can help you secure your office:

How You Benefit

Document Management Made Beneficial

We offer a wide variety of products and document management services for both large and small businesses. So how can you benefit?

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