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Document Scanning can be time-consuming and inefficient if done the wrong way. That's why we help businesses in Indianapolis and beyond improve their document scanning processes with several solutions that help you capture, convert, and route your hard copy documents into digital files that are easy to archive and retrieve. Establishing efficient document scanning protocols will enhance your productivity by making documents easier to find and share. Some of our solutions will also increase your security by tracking when and where documents are sent, having users authenticate at the device for access restriction, and ensuring that HIPAA compliance standards are met. If you're ready to improve the processes of your Indianapolis business, then it might be time to explore our document scanning solutions. They will reduce processing errors, decrease paper and toner consumption, and save valuable time spent at the copier. Backing up your documents also protects important business data from either being lost, inadvertently thrown away, or destroyed in a fire or flood. 

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Document Scanning Software and Apps

We carry a host of document scanning software applications that can be integrated with your existing copiers and allow you to scan in a variety of different formats. Our apps allow you to transform your hard-copy documents into searchable PDFs or editable documents such as Word and Excel. Having different output options to choose from also enables you to scan to multiple destinations at once. In addition, our mobile solutions allow you to capture information from your smartphone or scan documents directly to your smartphone. 

Hardware Solutions

At Indiana Business Solutions, we have several multifunction printers and Xerox copiers with scanning capabilities to choose from. In addition to multifunction devices, we also have devices dedicated specifically to efficient scanning. All of our hardware is designed to help you capture documents with minimal effort. Our document management solutions and applications also integrate easily with our scanners and other multifunction devices. 

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