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Indiana Business Solutions proudly serves Bloomington IN with the latest monochrome copiers, color copiers, laser printers and multifunction printers, as well as document management solutions. Our award winning copiers and multifunction printers, along with our superior local service in Bloomington IN, will ensure that your needs are always covered. All of our Xerox equipment is also covered by our total satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you're not completely satisfied with your copiers and laser printers then Xerox will replace it with a comparable model. In addition to multifunction printers and equipment, we also provide document management and document scanning solutions to help you control your costs, secure your office, and reduce your environmental impact. Some of our solutions include: 

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  • Digital Presses
  • Document Management
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Document Management and Managed Print

There is a reason our slogan is "Document Management Made Easy". Anybody can drop off a piece of equipment and say "here you go". We go further by analyzing your office workflow to find areas of improvement. Document management is one area where we can help simplify your scanning processes while also enhancing your data security. Document management can also give you more control in monitoring and controlling costs. When addressing a way to reduce those costs, that's where managed print services comes into play. Managed Print can alleviate your IT burden by placing all of your copiers, multifunction printers, inkjet and laser printers into one simple service contract. Having a fixed contract where all of your devices are under contract for the same cost per page makes budgeting easy. It also automates the process of ordering toner and supplies. 

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Indiana Business Solutions is your reliable Xerox dealer for copiers, laser printers, multifunction printers, and document management solutions in Bloomington IN.

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