Why Ignoring Software Updates Isn't a Great Idea

update software

Your employees are familiar with your existing software and processes, and no one can blame them for resisting change. Even so, it's time to face the facts: like any other technology, software has a lifecycle and ignoring it isn't a good idea.

Why You Shouldn't Wait

As a business leader, you may wonder if it's counterproductive to invest in new software when the existing process is working. Your employees are so familiar with your current software that some of them have achieved expert status, and who can argue with that?

The truth is your old software is lacking features that could make your processes even more efficient, and quite a few of those features are designed to keep your data secure. Other downsides include a lack of support from the software developer and rising costs to access what support remains.

Achieving Buy-In

You've decided the time is now, so take a deep breath. To help you get started, here are a few tips for getting your company on board with a new software acquisition.

1. Get help from Managed Services experts.

Managed Services providers are expert at helping companies prepare for the inevitability of both software and hardware updates. Managed Services technicians keep an eye on your systems and use a phased approach to keep everything up to date without making drastic changes all at once.

2. Let your employees take a test drive.

You already know who the techies are in the company, so let them experiment with the new software before adoption. Their enthusiasm and assistance will help reluctant staff members get comfortable with the new system.

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