How Print Management Providers Identify and Eliminate Overspending


It's easy to shrug off the nagging suspicion that your organization spends too much on printing. It seems like a few additional documents here, and there shouldn't add up to much, but that's a narrow view of the real picture.

Here's how a managed print services provider tackles the problem of high printing costs.

Lower Costs

You may not know how much you're spending to print documents, but a MPS partner can provide you with the information. Some clues that you're spending too much (1% to 3% of annual revenues is the average) include:

  • Lack of print-tracking solutions
  • A supply room with toner and ink cartridges for broken devices or equipment you no longer own
  • An IT team that doubles as a print management crew
  • Frequent downtime that impacts your workflows
  • A long list of manufacturer-specific service and repair providers

A managed print partnership begins by identifying your current costs. From there, they formulate a plan for lowering your print volumes, automating supply shipments, eliminating redundant and inefficient equipment, and providing targeted maintenance. You'll spend less money and have a fleet that helps your team do a better job every single day.

Mindful Printing

Many of the print jobs that occur in the average office are initiated without a second thought. Research bears out the claim, with nearly 40% of printed documents either discarded by day's end or filed and forgotten indefinitely.

Moving to a managed print strategy that includes rules-based printing makes employees accountable for their choices. When staff members realize their formerly under-the-radar print jobs will be part of a monthly report, they'll adopt more mindful printing habits as a matter of course.

Ready to shave as much as 30% off of your current print spend? Contact us today to get started!