Getting the Most Out of Managed Print Services


Companies spend millions on print services every year. Such is the reason why managed print services (MPS) are so crucial to the health of a business. You can create the perfect contract for a new client. You will not get far, however, without the ability to deliver a hard copy of the agreement that the client can review and sign.

Subscribing to a good MPS program is the only way to thrive throughout the workday. Are you getting the most out of your managed print services subscription, though?

What does a good MPS program offer?

The best MPS programs offer:

  • Simplified Purchasing

  • Usage Monitoring

  • Equipment Maintenance

  • Help Desk Support

Some companies shy away from an MPS subscription because they do not want a third party company monitoring daily operations. Businesses that offer MPS subscriptions, however, are not watching to spy on clients. 

The experts at MPS companies monitor activities for the central purpose of estimating when a refill is necessary. Customer service representatives send new supplies when things such as toner and paper get low so that staff members at the subscribing company do not have to stop operations from purchasing such items. 

Technicians at MPS companies may also monitor usage to determine when maintenance and repairs are needed. The system of monitoring ultimately contributes to increased productivity throughout the workday. 

Replacing Equipment and Overall Support

There are times when even the best maintenance schedule cannot prevent a complete breakdown of equipment. The best MPS programs can provide excellent support when a machine unexpectedly quits in the middle of the workday. The help desk can guide business owners through proceedings that help technicians diagnose the problem and ultimately determine if the machine is worth saving. 

Upgraded versions may replace printers with continued problems. Such an upgrade sometimes comes at no additional cost to the MPS subscriber. 

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