5 Ways to Protect Your Technology While Working from Home


In the last ten years, remote work became so popular that 70 percent of the workforce was working from home at least once per week. With the coronavirus pandemic, that number jumped drastically to – in many companies – 100 percent of workers working remotely.

Working remotely has its challenges for security, protection, and oversight. While some IT security teams need extreme protections immediately, most teams need the basics – network, digital, and data security – and the right devices.

Make sure that your teams have everything they need, read on – and be sure to talk to the team of professionals at Indiana Business Solutions.

The Secured WFH Life

Employees working from home should ideally operate just as carefully and with the same protection as in the office. However, the tactics to get there are a little different with each employee in a different location. Here are some secrets to achieving the secured work from home situation.

How to Keep Your Technology Protected

Protecting data, networks, and digital security means that employees have to be proactive, stay aware, and make sure that systems and technology are updated before they work from home.

Then, once your team is offsite, you may need to remind them of the top five ways to stay secure while working from home. The answers are not hard, but they are critical steps to follow.

  1. Secure network connections
  2. Be aware of physical security
  3. Ensure password protection is strong
  4. Keep work and personal devices separate
  5. Watch out for phishing emails

If your employees have questions, make sure they are reaching out to supervisors. If you or your management team has questions about security or upgrades, talk to your pro team at Indiana Business Solutions.

Start with Indiana Business Solutions

Getting the right partner for IT security is a critical step for any business – especially with the ever-changing remote work environment, it’s challenging to try to cover everything on your own. Talk to the team at Indiana Business Solutions to set up your best security plan.