Everything You Need to Know About Document Imaging


Document imaging is a great solution for your whole business, helping with everything from organization to communication. But where do you start? Here's everything you need to know about document imaging so you can feel confident jumping in!

Finding the Perfect Managed Print Services Provider


If your company is interested in managed print services, it's time to find the right provider for your business' needs. The services that are provided should be ones that highly benefit your company and give you lower printing costs overall. 

Your Guide to Getting Started with Managed Print Services


When you sign up for managed print services, there are several services that are all wrapped up in that package. The end goal is to let you get more control over the printing that is done in the office and for you to pay less for every printed page.

Control Your Costs


Office printing is one of the costs that businesses typically have a very difficult time controlling. Unauthorized printing and copying, expensive printer toner cartridges, underutilized copiers, wasted print jobs, and jobs printed on the wrong device have all caused organizations to spend much more than they budget for or need to on printing. The good news is, we can help.

Improve Office Productivity

Improve Office Productivity

For decades, office technology has been a bottleneck in getting things done around the office. Times have changed, the bottlenecks are gone, and now Xerox copiers can accelerate your workflow and help you work smarter. 

Secure Your Office

Document Security

Whether it be clients' financial data, trade secrets, or sensitive patient or employee personal and health data, companies large and small need to protect sensitive information. Threats exist both outside and inside of your organization, and we can help you secure your office from both with our document management solutions. 

Reduce Environmental Impact

Sitting in a green field with laptop

All businesses want to do the right thing from an environmental standpoint, but there is a common misconception that it is a costly undertaking. The good news is, with Xerox copiers you can be green without additional investment.  Xerox is the leader in the industry when it comes to minimizing the environmental impact of your office. 

Improve Convenience

Hand swiping on a laptop

We know that today’s worker needs to be able to access documents from anywhere and print documents on the go.  

Toner Phoner

printer toner scams

Don't fall victim to a Printer Toner Scam

An all too common type of scammer in the copier industry is the "Toner Phoner". These people will attempt to bilk businesses out of money by overcharging them for printer toner, goods or services.

5 Ways to Ensure Online Security When Working Remote


The modern office has changed substantially in the last few months and even weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic and the surge in remote working around the world. The quick shift to remote work has changed the habits of employees, companies, customers, and society, making remote work much more possible but also a target for cyber attacks.

Working remotely doesn’t mean that common office problems like security and data protection can be forgotten. Remote employees still need to take action to protect data and information, and employers must address issues as they arise.

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