3 Paths to Better Office Equipment and Processes

office equipment

Does your office equipment keep your processes humming along without interruption? Many office managers can only wish that was the case; their office equipment is a daily drain on staff morale that keeps everyone wondering when to expect the next disruption.

Xerox Solutions for Your 21st Century Business

xerox document management

Are you searching for new ways to control your operating costs? Look no further than Xerox for the answers.

Xerox Electronic Document Management Solutions

Xerox document management solutions show businesses how to turn paper processes into streamlined digital workflows for faster, smarter, more secure office procedures.

How Managed Print Providers Reduce Costs


Ever wonder how managed print providers deliver savings up to 30% off organizational printing costs? Read on to find out where your print spend is going, and how MPS experts get it back under control.

Unclaimed print jobs — Did you know that two out of every ten print jobs are left abandoned in print trays? Managed print helps reduce the problem of unclaimed print jobs on several fronts.

Should I Buy an Inkjet or Laser Printer? What's the Difference?

laser printers

Are you ready to add a new printer to your office equipment line-up, but aren't sure whether to buy an inkjet or laser printer? The decision isn't difficult once you study the differences, but the wrong choice can be hard on the budget.

Here's how to decide which type of imaging equipment is right for your office.

1. Inkjet printers

Inkjet printers use liquid ink that's either pigment or dye-based. The downside of dye-based ink is that it's not water or smudge-proof, making it impractical for photographs or graphic arts use.

Why Ignoring Software Updates Isn't a Great Idea

update software

Your employees are familiar with your existing software and processes, and no one can blame them for resisting change. Even so, it's time to face the facts: like any other technology, software has a lifecycle and ignoring it isn't a good idea.

Why You Shouldn't Wait

As a business leader, you may wonder if it's counterproductive to invest in new software when the existing process is working. Your employees are so familiar with your current software that some of them have achieved expert status, and who can argue with that?

Achieving Staff Buy-In with New Technologies

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If you were greeted with a collective groan the last time you announced a new technology for your workplace, we're not surprised. Your employees may feel as if they've just gotten comfortable with your last technology acquisition, and process disruptions are rarely greeting with enthusiasm.

Even so, waiting too long to upgrade can have some serious consequences for your company, including security vulnerabilities and trouble competing in an increasingly tech-driven marketplace.

Prioritize Document Security with Managed Print Services

managed print

Most companies that enter into a Managed Print Services engagement are looking for reduced costs, improved print-related workflows, and better-performing equipment with fewer downtimes, the service rarely disappoints. Now with ongoing threats to network and information security, expanding MPS offerings to include print security is is a common practice. Here's how your company can achieve enhanced print security with Managed Print Services.

Get Up to Speed with New Office Equipment

up to date

No matter what type of business you're in, your equipment plays a critical role in your daily operations. If your office equipment isn't up to date, neither are your processes.

If you're in the market for some new office technologies, keep these suggestions in mind when sizing up your choices.

Reduce Your Security Risks With Managed Services

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You've no doubt heard of the data breaches that impacted well-known businesses like Equifax, Sony, and Target. Unfortunately, thousands of other devastating security breaches never make the news because they happen to small companies just like yours.

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